Accidents involving semis or tractor trailers are some of the most serious accidents that can happen. All too often, as shown in the video above, a semi will make a sharp turn, lose gravity and turn on its side. Because the trailers are so large, they can destroy cars easily... and while the drivers and passengers inside the smaller vehicles end up with serious injuries or even die, many truck drivers walk away without a single injury.

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At Accident Attorney John Fagan, we understand the complexities of accidents involving semi trucks or tractor trailers. Since 1983, we have provided legal services to people who, through no fault of their own, have been injured in accidents involving large trucks, tanker trucks, construction vehicles, etc.

In the video to the left, you can view a compilation of these types of accidents caught on camera throughout the United States and beyond.


  • Pay attention, and treat trucks differently than you would other vehicles -- A truck’s size and weight can affect the driver’s ability to brake and stop the truck. It is not easy for them to stop quickly, making tailgating extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is important to keep a safe distance between you and the truck at all times.
  • Stay visible -- Trucks have large blind spots, with limited visibility next to and behind them. Try to stay in the trucks visibility; if you cannot see the driver or his mirrors, chances are he/she is unable to see you. Pay attention to the trucks turn signals, if the truck is signaling to turn, the driver may not see you and may turn in front of you. 
  • Take extra care -- Consider the road circumstances and slow down in rain, smoke, or fog and take more caution when driving at night. 
  • If you stop on a highway, pull completely off the road --Drivers with a flat tire or car trouble tend to change the flat right near the road, not wanting to park their car in the dirt and muck off the shoulder. A tired truck driver may not realize the car is off the road until he/she comes literally right up to it. 
  • Try to expect the unexpected --  Other vehicles may drive in a manner around trucks that can cause accidents the truck driver cannot avoid, like changing lanes in front of the truck and stopping suddenly or following too closely and striking the back of the truck.